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The Prayer listed for the 3rd step in the "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous. The 3rd step states : Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him. This amazing prayer opens the door to a spiritual pathway. Historical perspective: Some of our founders and early members of the fellowship used a prayer other than the one on page 63 of the Big Book to take newcomers through their "decision" -- namely because the Big Book wasn't printed until 1939 and they got our Program from Oxford Group principles. Bill W., Dr. Bob, and Bill D. started making 12 Step calls and taking others through the origional "6" steps in the summer of 1935. For those of you interested in history here is the wording used by Dr. Bob and Clarence S. before the 3rd step prayer was agreed upon: THIRD STEP PRAYER used by Dr. Bob Dear God, I'm sorry about the mess I've made of my life.I want to turn away from all the wrong things I've ever done and all the wrong things I've ever been. Please forgive me for it all.I know You have the power to change my life and can turn me into a winner. Thank You, God for getting my attention long enough to interest me in trying it Your way.God, please take over the management of my life and everything about me. I am making this conscious decision to turn my will and my life over to Your care and am asking You to please take over all parts of my life.Please, God, move into my heart. However You do it is Your business, but make Yourself real inside me and fill my awful emptiness. Fill me with your love and Holy Spirit and make me know Your will for me. And now, God, help Yourself to me and keep on doing it. I'm not sure I want You to, but do it anyhow.I rejoice that I am now a part of Your people, that my uncertainty is gone forever, and that You now have control of my will and my life. Thank You and I praise Your name. Amen. THIRD STEP PRAYER used by Clarence Snyder. Clarence started A.A. Group #3 in Cleveland. (Both sponsor and sponsee on their knees...)Sponsor says: God, this is __________, he is coming to You in all humility to ask You to guide and direct him. __________ realizes that his life is messed up and unmanageable. __________ is coming to You Lord in all humility to ask to be one of your children - to work for you, to serve and dedicate his life to you and to turn his will over that he may be an instrument of your love. (Sponsee repeats after the sponsor):Lord, I ask that you guide and direct me, and that I have decided to turn my life and will over to you. To serve You and to dedicate my life to You. I thank you Lord, I believe that if I ask this in prayer, I shall receive what I have asked for. Thank you God. Amen. Measures 7/8 x 1/2 inches