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I’m a jewelry designer, artist, treasure hunter, and soul searcher. My art has always been a manifestation of my personal spiritual journey in recovery. I share my vision with others in the program in hopes to inspire a deeper conncetion within oneself. I personally design all recovery jewelry, clothing, greeting cards and bookmarks, lapel pins,  all art to encourage people to live deeply, love fearlessly, and to be inspired. Thank you sincerly for your interest in Bill’s Friends since 1995!!!


“The work comes through me, not from me.”

More recently, I spend an additional amount of time in meditation. My discipline with morning meditation has breathed new life into my art. My deep connection with my spiritual journey has come as a special addition in my life, and I now experience a heightened level of creativity and inspiration in my art. My products are designed to inspire, congradulate, or encourage.

Art for me is soul food. Art-making is meditation in action. It nourishes my craving for beauty, clarity and harmony. I trust in the universe to guide me, with my work, through synchronistic events. It’s the little things in life that inspire me.


Michelle with her daughter, Hailey.